The Regulation In The Paintball Gun Sport For The Beginner
The Regulation In The Paintball Gun Sport For The Beginner

Paintball is a sport in which players complete the elimination of opponents (as a team or an individual) by hitting the opponent by a paint and glue capsules containing gelatin (paintball). Nowadays, this sport is played in many countries. If you want to get best paintball gun reviews, let have a look on our website.

What Is The Paintball Gun?

Bullets are emitted from a device called a “paintball marker” (which is now called paintball). Actually, many people think that the paintball gun comes from the military but the original paintball guns are produced and used by farmers and ranchers is essential. They use it to mark the plants and animals on the farm.

To paint gun into the game, sport and entertainment has lost a lot of time since 1970 and is recognized worldwide. Come to the game, you will be the true soldiers, their self-discipline and a sense of physical steel robust, agile.

Despite extensive research, many new players to experience two or three matches always made some mistakes repeated or facing one of the following issues:

The Notes That You Should Care When Playing The Paintball Gun Sport

The most important thing is never to take off protective mask in the field or in any place in which you believe may have shots fired. Despite wearing a mask to not be uncomfortable, hot, stuffy, frosted glass by steam. However, it is imperative for your safety. With bullet speed over 100m / s can shatter your eye immediately.

You Must Ensure That You Fully Understand The Operation Of The Gun Features And Its Limitations.

Especially how to load bullets, ammo box lock, lock the trigger, how to know all CO2 … Do not hesitate, ask instructors and referees until you fully understand and do not hesitate to practice try several times before. Paintball shot will not hurt you or usually, of course, only when wearing full armor and regulations, because the armor is bullet shattered touch not penetrates as live ammunition. Therefore you should not worry too much, too much, only a little privation and that feeling will no longer immediately after the game ended. If you do not wear armor or even incorrectly prescribed to bullets directly into the skin or through the jacket, thin pants, the consequences will be as below. So, prior to the game you should thoroughly check all the seats covered armor should cover and ensure it does not slip away.

Wearing dark colors is better than wearing the bright colors. Wear color well as the geckos, the violence is like telling the enemy, “He is in this dust.” It is quite pity when S3G is not provided with the colorful imagines. As a result, you should be creative by yourself. Wear comfortable shoes to ensure protection of the legs to run, roll pear, crept in. The terrain is not flat and smooth for much.

Always Be Honest.

If you are hit, you should hold up a gun and go out of the yard. Everyone was very realistic, the game will end quickly and effectively, this attractive game that go on forever not feel one “dead”. And remember one thing is that when hit, due to wet paint should not show up on your shirt, as long as the paint to dry and then that everyone can see and you cannot deny it. Do not try to wipe the paint, because the more widespread wipe it out.

Be Very Calm When Participating In The Game.

Thanks to arbitration if any problems occur. If 10 people are not calm and 10 guns in the game, then you also know what bad things will happen. Do not hesitate to learn from the players or more and have more experience alone. Especially in the age of information technology today, you can learn all the information you want to know the rules of the game, using guns, tactics, skills…

Always Choose The First Team Captain And Obey The Command Of Captain.

The military school, then you would know, “Discipline is the strength of the army.” The skipper may not be smart, do not have much experience, but it is manned team on 1 instruction, but avoid one team who can do what it do, tangleĀ  like shallot soup. At S3G have 1 game called “Defend grounds”. It is saidĀ  that after finishing captain assigned people forget, put the bait out the enemy saw the team working example on the bullet shot clean while the enemy had two shooters sneaks up their bases stolen any chance or not.
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