The Most Risky Sports For Teenagers
The Most Risky Sports For Teenagers

While sports can help to keeps boys and girl fit and healthy, there are a lot of dangers that they may suffer from. Before joining these sports, you need to be well aware of the need skills and knowledge to set a limit on the injuries and unexpected situations.

Every year, there are more than thousands of children and teenagers finding themselves in the emergency rooms because of the accidents related to playing sports.

The most common injuries they suffer from are traumatic brain injuries which are mostly caused by blows, jolts and bumps to the head. All these injuries can leave the bad impact on the development of the brain later.

It cannot be deniable that without a proper training, playing sport can cause a lot of negative results to children. Both parents and children sometimes don’t know which sport is much risky and dangerous to keep distance.

Therefore, in this paper, I would like to share with you some of the most dangerous sports in the world so that you can be have a good selection of the sport that you would like to take part in.


You may find it a little shock when football lying in the list of dangerous sport for children. However, it is the truth. With the millions of participants all around the world, this sport is increasingly popular among people.

Nonetheless, it is really dangerous for those who are not much experienced in playing this sport. This sport’s safety is not really high with the twice injuries of the basketball. The football players at high school are most at risk because they are inexperienced.

Most of the people participating in football can suffer from the injuries in neck and head, which can cause the problems related to memory, concentration, headaches and speech impediments.

Normally, when teenagers play football, they are not equipped with necessary knowledge about playing technique and the protective gears. Therefore, they easily get injuries.

The solution here is that there should be football clubs for children to provide the necessary skills and knowledge for them. Besides, it will be a good and safe environment for them to play instead of playing themselves.

Besides, parents of kids who love playing football should provide their kids with the protective gear like shoes, gloves and shocks…so that they can set a limit on the potential dangers to their children.


Basketball is also regarded as one of the top dangerous sport for children. The reason is very simple. It is because of most of the young-aged basketball players are not well trained in advance before playing as a real player.

It means that most of them just play without any trained skills; therefore they will easily make a fault. Do you know that all the professional basketball players always have to warm up themselves by stretching before jumping shots and layup?

The sport can cause the serious sprains and strains in both upper and lower extremities. Therefore, if you do not have a proper warm up in advance, you may get the injuries caused by playing basketball such as ankle damage.

Actually basketball is much preferred by the men rather than women because it requires a good physical condition such as an ideal height and a high duration

However, if you can master this sport, it can bring a lot of benefits to you such as a strong health and an ideal body shape. Besides, it can also help you to reduce stress effectively after a hard working day.

The solution to help you avoid damages and injuries is that you should take part in a training course of playing basketball before playing it by yourself to make sure that you can be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills.

Playing sport is regarded as an effective method to help people enhance their health both physically and mentally. However, with a improper method, they will be easily vulnerable to the unexpected injuries, which will cost them a lot of time, money and effort to find the treatment. Therefore, it is better for teenagers and new beginners to find information about the sport in advance.