How To Pick The Best Longboard
How To Pick The Best Longboard

Are you read for an exciting and energetic summer? If you haven’t got any plan for summer vacation in exotic places or afforded budget to go on a long trip, why don’t you make your time-off more worthy than just lying on the couch eating potato chips and watching Netflix? Whether you are a sporty person or a lazy one, a thrill seeker or a not-so-much an adventurous type, my suggestion for you is to try out longboard skating which you can find more information on models and price when visiting This article will help with your first step in getting to know this exciting street sport and sharing some buying tips for you to choose the best one.

What Is Longboard?

Some people might misunderstand longboard as just a skateboard with longer length. Despite some major similarities, longboard and skateboard are still two different boards. Longboard has obviously longer board, bigger wheel and much faster than skate board. Unlikely skateboard which is often used for performing tricks, longboard is more suitable for cruising, transportation, downhill racing, slalom racing and sliding.

This board is normally recognized as an easier board to start with beginner people, and can be quite fast to learn, even for girls. However, you need to first understand the basic construction of longboard and learn about different style of longboarding to start your practice appropriately.

What Are Components Of A Standard Longboard?

Normally a longboard consists of six main components which are deck, truck, bushing, riser pad, bearing and wheels. This part will introduce you to the fundamental lesson of what components make a longboard.


The deck is made of two to seven layers of plywood which is about 2 millimeters thick. Since longboard can come with various sizes and shapes, so does the variation of longboard deck, which explains why there are longboard models suitable for different riding style and technique. For example, if it is a longboard for riding downhill, the deck is built to be stiff and light with a wheelbase.


This component is the metal turning mechanism with the main function is to attach the wheels to the longboard deck. It can vary in style but in general if your longboard has wider truck, it offers wider turning circle. To explain this, when riding longboard, you need to use your feet and body’s motion to turn the board in the middle of the truck.


Bushing is a kind of component that contributes to change the feel of how the board turns. Made of polyurethane material, bushing has various shape and hardness, in which two standard bushing shapes are cone and barrel.

The barrel bushing is considered stable because of its larger shape while the cone offers more turn with less rebound than the barrel due to its narrow shape.

Riser Pad

Rider pad allows to widen the distance between the deck and the wheels of longboard with the main aim is to prevent wheel bite which is a state when the deck scrape the wheels and prevent them from turning. This plastic made object will contribute to decrease contact of the deck from the truck or the vibration in riding process.


As you know, in order to perform beautiful riding trick, you need to minimum unnecessary friction, which is why longboard has bearings – the component that connect the wheel for smooth turning.


There is not much to talk about the longboard wheels as you all know what they are made. But here is a fact that not everyone notice, softer wheel is likely to produce slower speed than harder wheel.

Protection Gears And Equipment For Longboard

When riding longboard, it is important that you wear enough protective gear and equipment to protect yourself from major injuries especially important body parts like head, arms, and feet. You would not want to get yourself injured right when your first start your longboarding learning lessons, thus you should pay more attention in buying protection gear to avoid any serious injuries.

The list of essential gears for protection includes: helmet, knee pad, elbow pad, wrist guard, slide gloves or even spine protector and padded short. Don’t think of these protection equipment as uncool or not necessary even when you have practiced longboard for a while because you will need them for learning new trick. Many professional riders and team still consider helmets and slide gloves ensure their safety for performance.