How To Choose The Quality Dive Computer
How To Choose The Quality Dive Computer

Dive computer is an important device of diver. It is device with feature to provide information about depth as well as time to dive safely for diver. In fact, there are some devices with similar features such as depth gauge or dive watch however most of divers usually choose dive computer because it is convenient, flexible as well as easy to use compared with other devices.

According these reviews of users, dive computer is very necessary and indispensable for job of diver therefore below are some tips to help you choose the best dive computer for the diving trips.

Effect Of Dive Computer

As mentioned above, dive computer is a device which diver will bring along when diving. This product is designed with main feature to provide information for diver such as depth, the dissolved nitrogen in body of diver when diving and so on. In addition, it also has effect to announce for diver about the remaining time to dive safely. Normally, dive computer will be combined with other devices in diving process such as depth gauge or submersible pressure gauge.

Dive computer will be designed with a color screen or a monochrome screen that thing depends on manufacturer of device. Through screen, dive computer will provide information about dive for diver. Amount of information of each dive computer is not the same.

It depends on feature and quality of product however basically; all dive computers can provide the most basic information such as depths, time, amount of air in tank, remaining time, ascent rate, emergency depression and so on.

How To Choose Dive Computer

Nowadays, dive computer has many models on the market and each model will have own pros and cons therefore diver will have many choices but if you do not have experience about this product then you will easily choose wrong dive computer with your demand therefore before choosing this product, you should refer some tips below.

There are many factors which you need to consider when choosing this product therein firstly is air integration feature of dive computer. Air integration is feature that shows information about amount of the remaining air in your air tank when diving.

With this feature, dive computer will announce regularly and continuously about the remaining air for diver as well as based on amount of air to calculate the remaining time to dive safely. Normally, this feature will be connected directly through your regulator but some products can be designed to connect through a hose to connect indirectly with regulator. Next is design of dive computer.

As mentioned above, there are many models of this product on the market therefore its design is very diversity but basically there are two main designs that are console or wrist-mount. Therein, wrist-mount dive computer will be designed with shape as a wrist watch and diver can wear at wrist when diving therein size of console dive computer will larger but also is still convenient and flexible for diver bring along when diving.

Next is adjustable feature. Dive computer will be designed with automatic or manual adjustable feature therein with automatic feature, everything will be adjusted automatically and diver do not need to implement any manipulation when diving and with manual feature, diver will have to implement few adjustments depending on each diving condition.

Each kind will have own pros and cons therefore you should choose based on demand of your job as well as each diving trip. In addition, you should also consider about battery of dive computer. A dive computer can be manufactured with replaceable or rechargeable battery.

Therein, replaceable battery is very convenient and flexible because when battery is weak or empty diver will be able to replace battery while diving and with rechargeable battery, you will have to check and charge full battery before each diving trip to avoid out of battery.

You should also choose a dive computer with ability to connect with laptop or computer to save, analyze and research the information that is recorded in your diving trips. Amount of the recorded information inside dive computer depends on memory of this product therefore you also need to care about memory when choosing this product.

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